Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Official Launch Date: Heroes & Icons

Heroes & Icons (Diginet owned by Weigel Broadcasting, owners of Me-TV) made its soft launch back on Sept 28th 2014, which I had previously posted about it. March 1st 2015 it'll make its official debut, finally. The network currently doesn't have a Facebook page or website, but by then I'm sure they will. More information enclosed below.

Back in Sept Heroes & Icons (H&I) quietly made its debut in Chicago, Milwaukee, and South Bend, IN, and other Chicago cable systems. H&I currently airs classic TV shows from the 1950's - 1990's. I've enclosed some of their current programming along with an article detailing more about H&I.

More about Heroes & Icons

Current programming and affiliates

Sunday, February 22, 2015

GSN Airing Card Sharks

I'm not sure how long GSN has been airing the game show Card Sharks (1986-1989 version w/ Bob Eubanks), but I noticed they're airing it. The times are (Mon - Fri) at 9:00 - 9:30 AM ET. Card Sharks airs during the block of classic/older game shows that GSN airs from 8 AM - 11 AM ET. To view a full schedule and channel finder, please head to the link(s) below.

Card Sharks made its debut in 1978 on NBC. It aired on the peacock network until 1981. It returned to the tube in 1986 and aired on CBS until 1989 and in syndication from 1986-1987. The game show returned to syndication for its third and final run from 2001-2002.

There were four hosts of the show. The original being Jim Perry (who's currently 81) from 1978-1981. Bob Eubanks (who's currently 77) from 1986-1989. Bill Rafferty was the host in syndication form from 1986-1987. Bill's currently 68 years old. Pat Bullard was the shows final host from 2001-2002 in syndication. Pat's currently 56 years old.

GSN is a network that airs on cable/satellite, that is if you have cable/satellite and if GSN is part of your cable/satellite package. GSN airs several classic/older game shows like Match Game, Press Your Luck, Sale of The Century, The $25,000 Pyramid, to name a few.

To see if you receive GSN, please click on the link below. Station abbreviation on your menu guide should be GSN or GSNHD.

Programming and times are subject to change.

Do you get GSN?

GSN's TV schedule

GSN's website

GSN on Facebook

GSN on Twitter

Monday, February 16, 2015

Debut Date for BUZZRTV

I had posted back on Jan 21st 2015 about Fox's new diginet called BUZZRTV, which will be a game show themed network featuring current and classic/older game shows. It'll air on all 17 Fox owned-and-operation stations (O&O) stations. So if your local Fox network is owned by Fox, you'll be receiving BUZZR TV. The debut date will be Sun, May 31st 2015.

Some classic game shows include Family Feud, Let's Make A Deal (original), To Tell The Truth, Password, Match Game, Beat The Clock, What's My Line?, The Price is Right, Blockbusters, Card Sharks, and much more.

Fox has partnered with FremantleMedia and Debmar-Mercury to form BUZZR TV, which (again) is a game show themed network.

If you live in the Detroit, MI area and receive Fox 2 WJBK, you'll receive BUZZR TV as one of their digital sub-channels.

More information about BUZZR TV

Presidents' Day Family Matters Marathon

If there's two words that don't go together, they're President and Steve Urkel. Centric and a Family Matters (ABC/CBS: 1989-1998) marathon go well together, that's if you enjoy Family Matters. Anyway, Centric will be airing a Presidents' Day marathon on Mon, Feb 16th at 10 AM - 11 PM ET. Episodes from season 9 will air in order (excluding episode 7), thus I've enclosed the marathon schedule along with a channel finder. The show currently airs on Centric. More info below.

Centric is a network on cable/satellite, that is if you have cable/satellite and if Centric is part of your cable/satellite package.  Centric airs a few classic/ older TV shows like Family Matters and The Cosby Show just to name a few.  To see the days/times of when those shows air, please check out Centric's TV schedule, which is included below.

To see if you receive Centric, please click on the link enclosed. Abbreviation on your menu guide should be CTRC.

I realize some may already have the TV shows mentioned above on Blu-ray/DVD and the fact that you might be able to watch/stream them through Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, iTunes Store, Hulu and Hulu Plus, or any of those type of companies. Family Matters may air on other networks as well, including local networks.

Programming and times are subject to change.

Centric's Website

Do You Get Centric?

Centric's TV Schedule

Centric On Facebook

Centric On Twitter

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Three's Company Dating Hijinks Marathon

Join Janet, Jack, and Chrissy this Valentine's Day (make sure to wipe your feet off before entering) as Antenna TV will be airing a 14 hour (28 episode) marathon of the beloved 70's sitcom on Sat, Feb 14th from 1 PM - 3 AM ET (into Sun, Feb 15th). The marathon will feature the shows best dating hijinks episodes, which are enclosed. The show currently airs on Antenna TV. More info below.

Three's Company Marathon Schedule

Antenna TV is a digital sub-channel that airs on over the air (Free TV) that a lot of people across the country receive. It airs classic TV shows like Mr. Belvedere, Doogie Howser, M.D., Small Wonder, Evening Shade, Newhart, Maude, All In The Family, Dennis The Menace, WKRP In Cincinnati, Good Times, Father Knows Best, The Burns & Allen ShowThe Jack Benny Program, Mister Ed, The Patty Duke Show, Bewitched, I Dream Of Jeannie, Three's Company, Circus Boy, The Ropers, The Three Stooges, Three's A Crowd, Too Close For Comfort, and Green Acres, to name a few.

Please click on the link below to see if you receive Antenna TV. Station abbreviation on your menu guide should be ANTEN.

I realize some may already have the shows mentioned above on Blu-ray/DVD and the fact that you might be able to watch/stream them through Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Hulu, Hulu Plus, and iTunes Store, or any of those type of companies. Some of the shows mentioned above may air on other networks as well, including local networks.

Programming and times are subject to change.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Spend V-Day With The Golden Girls

Logo & TV Land will both be airing a Valentine's Day marathon of The Golden Girls (NBC: 1985-1992) on Sat, Feb 14th. Logo's marathon will air at 12 PM - 12 AM ETAnother one (before that) will air on Fri, Feb 13th at 9 PM - 12 AM ET

TV Land's marathon will air on Feb 14th at 10 AM - 1 PM ET. Another marathon (on TV Land) will air on Sun, Feb 15th at 6 AM - 11 AM ET and again at 5 PM - 9 PM ET. This may be the regular schedule for both networks, but I've enclosed them anyway. The show airs on both networks and also on the Hallmark Channel as well. 

To view the marathon schedule for Logo, please head to the link below. At the bottom of this blog, you'll find a channel finder as well. More info below.

The Golden Girls' Valentine's Day Schedule

LogoTV.com and Logo the channel itself might be inappropriate for those under the age of 18.  I'm not sure if anyone under the age of 18 is fans of my TVClassics 'R' Us over on Facebook or this blog, but I figured I'd give the warning.

Logo is a network that airs on cable/satellite, that is if you have cable/satellite and if Logo is part of your cable/satellite package. The network currently airs a few classic/older TV shows like Designing Women, Roseanne, Who's The Boss?, and The Golden Girls.

To see if you receive Logo, please click on the link below and head to Logo's official website. From there, head to the middle (right) of their website and provide your info. Station abbreviation on your menu guide should be LOGO.


I realize The Golden Girls might air on other networks as well, including local networks. I'm sure The Golden Girls is on DVD/Blu-ray, including online (legal) websites as well, and not to mention renting/streaming the show via Netflix, Amazon Video, iTunes, Hulu, and Hulu Plus, among other company websites, that is if they carry the show you're looking for.

Programming and times are subject to change.

Do You Get Logo?

Note: At Logo's homepage, head to the middle of their website (right side) and please provide your information where it reads 'Find Logo TV on your TV'

Logo's TV Schedule

Logo on Facebook

Logo on Twitter

Logo on Google +

Logo on Instagram

Thursday, February 12, 2015

I Love My TV '15: TV Classics On V-Day

4th Annual I Love My TV '15:  TV Classics On V-Day

Several networks that air classic TV will be airing marathons/episodes that deal with 'love' or Valentine's Day.  I don't receive every channel that's out there, so I've enclosed my favorites from the networks that I receive. This does not include movies, only classic TV shows that I enjoy.

Click on a date below to view the Valentine's Day marathon/episode. The days below are for February 13th, 14th, and 15th.

February 13th 2015

February 14th 2015

February 15th 2015