Saturday, December 21, 2013

SyFy's The Twilight Zone Marathon

-SyFy's The Twilight Zone Marathon-
New Year's Eve & New Year's Day

'Tis the season once again, as SyFy will be celebrating New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with a Twilight Zone (CBS: 1959-1964) marathon as they do each and every year.

Below are the times/dates of when the marathon will be airing on SyFy.  I've enclosed SyFy's schedule for the those days as well.

New Years Eve (Dec 31st) at 8 AM - 5 AM ET 
(into New Years Day, Jan 1st)
Note: Infomercials will air from 5 AM - 8 AM ET.

New Years Day (Jan 1st) at 8 AM - 5 AM ET 
(into Jan 2nd)
Note: Infomercials will air from 5 AM - 8 AM ET.

Thursday, January 2nd 2013
at 8 AM - 9 AM ET


SyFy is a network that airs on cable/satellite. They air classic TV shows like Star Trek: The Next Generation (marathons) and The Twilight Zone.  Please check your local listings for SyFy (no channel finder on their website), that is if you have cable/satellite and if SyFy is part of your cable/satellite package. Abbreviation on your menu guide should be SYFY or SYFYD

I realize The Twilight Zone might air on other networks as well, including Me-TV and local networks. I'm sure you can catch The Twilight Zone on DVD/Blu-ray, including online (legal) websites as well, and not to mention watching/streaming the series via Netflix, among other company websites, that is if they carry The Twilight Zone or the shows mentioned above.

For some of the times above you might want to set your DVR/Tivo/DVD Recorder/VCR, that's if you have any of those recording devices mentioned above.

Programming and times are subject to change.

SyFy's The Twilight Zone Marathon Schedule

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SyFy On Twitter

SyFy's Website

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